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The more than 200-year history of the industrial corporation Georg Fischer impressively illustrates the constant change that a company has to confront if it is to remain successful over the long run. There are periods of significant, often painful changes that are marked by a determination to renew the organization. This determination is also reflected in the process of constant improvement in the Corporation's core competencies. 
RINGFEDER® Trailer couplings are universally known and used by the manufacturers of commercial and heavy goods vehicles and the road haulage industry. Special constructions for cross-country and special purpose
vehicles can also be offered.
The JOST Group is an enterprise which since its establishment in 1952 has achieved a leading position worldwide in the manufacturing of components for commercial vehicles. It has a tradition of success based on flexibility, technical know-how, entrepreneurial action and a close relationship with its employees.
World leading VBG heavy trailer couplings are renowned for innovation and reliability. We offer complete coupling systems – everything needed to connect trailers to trucks –ranging from single couplings to advanced cab controlled multi function truck coupling solutions. Our power assisted coupling solutions provide unparalleled ergonomics and driver safety. By our extensive know-how, support and service, together with a full range of accessories you get an optimized and convenient truck to trailer connection, meeting the highest standards. VBG coupling solutions give you reliable operations and unmatched total economy.