Body parts


In 2010 COS.PEL. is twenty years old and continues to be a leader of national and international markets. In few months a new structure over 20.000 square meters will be inaugurated to celebrate the event.
In the new plant there is a new area with two moulding presses of 1.600 and 3.200 tons manufacturing all items present in the catalogue.
COS.PEL. branded products guarantee a careful production done by technical staff. With new wireless system all the activities are managed in real time. Over 2.000 products always available and perfectly interchangeable with the O.E. parts. The product range for all the European manufacturers are constantly updated. COS.PEL. has two important certifications: ISO 9001:2008.
Covind S.p.A. is an International Player leader in the production and distribution of components for industrial and commercial vehicles, to which refer thousands of customers. 
The extensive and complete range of Covind products is recognized internationally for its undoubted quality in full compliance with specific technical standards that characterize the production of O.E.
You can easily search the spare parts through the online catalogue, the quality, the experience of professionals and the power of the network, make the brand Covind always been committed to ensure a maximum mobility to your vehicles.
Компания Changzhou T&D international на своих трех заводах в Китае производит множество видов ламп, зеркал и пластиковых деталей, таких как решетки, бамперы, части кабин и т.д. для автобусов, грузовых и легковых автомобилей. Помимо собственных заводов, компания также сотрудничает с другими хорошими заводами, распространяя их высоко-качественную продукцию. Продукция высокого качества под собственной торговой маркой TangDe экспортируется в Европу, Южную Америку, на Ближний Восток и в Юго-Восточную Азию. Продукция для европейского рынка имеет сертификат E-MARK. У компании имеется своя техническая и маркетинговая команда, центр исследований и разработок.