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Jalair Group adapts all its processes; design, manufacturing, logistics and training to the leading-edge technology. This allows facing new projects in the following areas: -Cooling systems; -Braking System; -Diagnostics; -Training
In this environment we take into account our costumers satisfaction: we have developed new specialized areas to maker tests in real conditions; a modern training center and services adapted to the market needs.
We also oofer a complete training and a comprehensive technical assistance service for commercial vehicles.
We introduce ourselves GEÇGEL Ltd. as a professional supplier which is able to develop and manufacture the best products including Manual and Automatic Brake Adjuster Parts for all kind of Heavy Duty Truck, Buses and Trailors etc. Headquartered in Turkey-Konya since 1981, exports to many countries worldwide and has a customer base that includes OEM (in Turkey ) OES and prime Aftermarket clients. GTS production plant is established in 6000 m2 open and 5200 m2 covered area at the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone in Konya-Turkey. GTS is proud of having international marketing and a successful background over a long years with many unexceptional achievements in the sector and has never quitted its highest quality standards.
Swedish Brake Technology AB develops, manufactures and markets products and systems for trucks, trailers and buses. The company’s brake adjusters result in reduced service costs, longer uptime time and better brake function, which contributes to safer traffic.
Many years of experience with various manufacturers and suppliers of auto parts has allowed OLDI & Co specialists to highlight the manufacturers of the best quality products we trust in the production of goods under our brand.
The multistage check at all stages of manufacturing in laboratories of enterprises, comprehensive testing, the best options for bundling, confidence in the relevant quality of the goods - only such criteria allow us to place our name on the proposed products!